New releases for week of 23rd Feb 2009

By Elite Hero, 9 years ago
Another busy week this week, so I’ll jump straight in with the XBLA releases

Xbox Live Arcade

Exit 2 – 800 Microsoft Points

24th Feb
Mr. ESC, the escape artist, returns to Xbox live marketplace this Wednesday in Exit 2. This time he will have you rescuing people all over the world before time runs out. To escape safely, use your head to find a route and work with people you rescue to overcome tricky obstacles. Compete for the fastest clear time and aim to become the world's top escape artist.


Halo Wars

US 3rd Mar / EU 27thFeb
As with any game that has Halo in the title there has been a lot of hype around Halo Wars. Will the RTS genre finally come good on console? We will know soon enough.

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad
US Out now / EU 27th Feb
A thrilling action game in which you take control of the beautiful swordswoman Aya, dressed in a ten gallon hat and bikini, as she slices her way through hordes of undead. Use a series of stylish moves to defeat undead left and right! What more do you need?

Silent Hill Homecoming
US Out now / EU 27th Feb
The sixth game in the Silent Hill series has you playing as Alex Shepherd who has returned to his hometown of Shepherd’s Glen to investigating the disappearance of his brother. In your search for the truth you drift between reality and nightmares in typical Silent Hill fashion.

Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge
US TBC / EU 27th Feb
WINTER SPORTS 2 is an arcade-oriented 3D simulation of only the most popular winter sports. Featuring 9 Sports with 15 different disciplines, new snowboard half pipe contest, 13 all new levels and arenas + 19 classic levels, and campaign with 42 extra challenges across all disciplines. Little seems to be known about this title but from the reviews I have read so far this is not surprising.

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
US 24thFeb /EU out now
Featuring over 40 songs and a coop mode... actually the previews make it look like it could be a much better game than it sounds.

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails
US 24th Feb / EU out now
Shellshock 2 puts in the middle of the Vietnam War in what been called a FPS Survival Horror. (FPSSH?) You play as Nate Walker, the Army's last hope to unveil the mystery behind the disappearance of a plane carrying a top-secret cargo known only as "Whiteknight.” After the Special Ops squad sent in to retrieve it disappeared without a trace only for one of them to return a month later and something has driven him insane.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
US 24th Feb / EU – TBC
This is the latest entry in the futuristic space opera RPG series, STAR OCEAN. Science fiction and fantasy meld in this long-awaited continuation of the celebrated franchise from developer tri-Ace Inc.

US 24th Feb / EU TBC
Stoked is an open world snowboarding game that lets you chose when, where, and how you want to ride to become the world’s greatest snowboarder.


Tomb Raider: Beneath the Ashes
24th Feb
Originally set for a release of 10th Feb ‘Beneath the Ashes’ will finally see the light of day this Wednesday 24th Feb. ‘Beneath the Ashes’ sends Lara back to the remains of Croft Manor where she uncovers a massive series of never-before-seen caverns and age old crypts used to protect and hide a deadly source of power. The pack also contains six new costumes and delivers an additional 125 gamerscore and will cost 800 Microsoft Points.

Prince of Persia: Epilogue
26th Feb
Set directly after the events of the games endings the Epilogue will have you taking on a new enemy The Shapeshifter. The Shapeshifter is an enemy that takes the form of two of Ahriman's most fearsome Lieutenants, the Warrior and the Hunter. As well as this Elika has been given more powers and there will be a new area to explore the Underground Palace.

I would not go spending all your hard earned money this week as next week is looking just as busy.

Thanks to GamerTagwastaken for providing US release dates.