Challenge the TA Podcast Crew!

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
Happy Friday, Gamers!

As you're probably all doing nothing at work or school today, why not take a second and hit us up with our next TA Podcast Achievement Challenge?

This Sunday Matrarch, TrueAchievement, and I will be sitting down to record the October Podcast, discuss the results of last month's achievement challenge (Freeflow Silver in Batman: Arkham Asylum), and go over all of the most popular news stories and views from the past few weeks.

To present us with a good challenge, feel free to check out all of our gamercards, see what achievements we don't have from games that are already on our cards, and post it as a challenge in the comments below. Feel free to challenge just one of us or (like Kez001 did last month) all of us! The best challenge will receive a WONDERFUL prize* from the TA Prize vault and bragging rights to all of their friends, enemies, and stuffed animals.

* Wonderful being highly subjective.

We're also taking a hot second to open up the TA Mailbag for all of your burning questions! If you've got a question that is burning you deep down in the depths of your game-playing self, you might want to see a doctor... maybe get some antibiotics. If you've got a good question, however, feel free to post that in the comments, too and we'll pick the best ones to answer on the show.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to crushing thug skulls in Arkham Asylum.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan has been a news/views contributor since 2010. When he's not writing reviews, features, and opinion pieces, he spends his days working as an informal science educator and his nights as an international man of mystery.