Killer Instinct Microsoft Store Pin Edition

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Microsoft has announced an exclusive "Pin Ultimate" edition of their upcoming Xbox One fighting game Killer Instinct, available only from the Microsoft Store. As part of a partnership between Microsoft and Penny Arcade, these cases will be filled with collectible pins including one Jago pin and one Killer Instinct 3D logo pin.

Pin Edition

Pin Edition

The case itself can be unfolded and turned into a pin display, allowing you to collect the full set of 16 pins that will eventually be made available. Eventually each character will get their own pin that can be collected, along with the occasional 'surprise' pin that will be announced each month during the season. The methods of obtaining each pin are likely to differ per pin, but might potentially be obtained by participating in community and in-game promotional events, or by simply purchasing them.

Curiously this also means that the case won't actually include a physical copy of the game, but it will contain a code that can be used to download the game, as well as additional "Ultra Edition" content, via Xbox LIVE. This bonus content includes:

* All eight Season 1 characters (not all available at launch)
* Season pass for all eight costumes and 16 accessory packs (again, not all available at launch)
* Early access to all Season 1 content
* Original Killer Instinct Classic Arcade game from Xbox LIVE.
The Pin Ultimate Edition will cost $59.99USD and can be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store here. Killer Instinct will be available at launch for Xbox One on November 22nd.
Credit for this story goes to Tveilor