XBLA Wednesday: October 16th, 2013

By litepink,
Who wants to be a millionaire? Hello, I do! Those residing in North America finally get their chance at some virtual millions with the XBLA release of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Special Edition, after previously being available in other regions worldwide since 2011. The late arrival of the game to North America most likely had something to do with the retail release of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2012 Edition by Ubisoft, which probably blocked the sale of another Millionaire game in that region until now.

The release of Millionaire will be accompanied by DLC add-on packs, the first of which will be “Who Wants to Be a Movie Millionaire?”, retailing for $2.99 on top of the price of the core game. If quiz shows aren’t your thing, you can check out the other offerings this week which include a twin-stick shooter and a Friday release of a first-person shooter.

https://www.trueachievements.com/Who-wants-to-be-a-Mill....htm (North America)
Developer: doublesix
Publisher: Deep Silver
Price: $9.99

Get into the hot seat and play classic Millionaire for a chance to win a virtual million dollars! This all new version of ”Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” lets you play solo or challenge your friends. You keep game play fresh and fun with a constant expanding library of question packs offering hundreds of new questions.
Developer: Brain Slap Studio
Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games
Price: US$ 9.99 / £6.80 / €9.59 / AU$13.20 / ¥1184

EXPLORE-EQUIP-ESCAPE! With its potent blend of twin-stick shooting, exploration and customization, HEXODIUS invites players to explore the vast complex, equip their drone with powerful items and upgrades, and ultimately escape the clutches of the deadly enemy droids in a blaze of laser fire!
Alien Rage
Developer: CI Games
Publisher: CI Games
Price: US$14.99 / £9.99 / €14.39 / AU$16.25 / ¥1500 (Releases October 18th)

Alien Rage is an action-packed, hard-core first-person shooter that will have you facing off against armies of the nastiest Alien forces ever encountered. Battle beastly-sized bosses relentlessly attacking you from every direction, hell-bent on taking you down. Tons of powerful dual-mode weapons, 14 intense levels, massive shootouts, destructible environments and over-the-top fast paced gameplay