The Chronicles of Metro: Last Light

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
DLC number four, and what publisher Deep silver promises will be the final piece of content to be released for Metro: Last Light, has arrived onto the Xbox Games Store. "The Chronicles Pack" features three new story missions where players take on the roles of one of four of the game's other characters - Pavel, Anna, and the pairing of Khan and Ulman - as they have their own adventures away from Artyom's main story.

Discover how Anna, the unflinching Polis Sniper, tried and failed to rescue Artyom from the Reich forces in the ruined botanical gardens. Put the irrepressible Pavel’s deadly skills and ingenuity to the test as he attempts to escape the Bandit Lair beneath Venice. And guide Khan and Ulman through the forgotten, haunted tunnels of Polyanka in a chilling supernatural tale that reveals a dark secret from Khan’s mysterious past …
Chronicles Pack 1

Chronicles Pack 2

Chronicles Pack 3

Chronicles Pack 4

Chronicles Pack 5

Chronicles Pack 6

Chronicles Pack 7

Chronicles Pack 8

The DLC also includes a new weapon. The Multi-Barreled Bicycle Shotgun is made from recycled bicycle parts that the survivors have managed to scavenge from the remnants of Moscow. As part of a competition, the gun's design was submitted by a first year design student from New Zealand, Alexandre Bannwarth. After being issued a challenge to release the weapon as DLC, developer 4A Games decided to work to make that happen.

Chronicles Pack 9

The DLC also adds six new achievements worth a total of 90G.

"The Chronicles Pack" costs US$4.99 / £3.39 / €4.79 / AU$4.95, and can be downloaded from here. Alternatively, Season Pass holders can download the content in-game at no extra cost.
Rebecca Smith
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