Xbox One Friends App Features Explained

By litepink, 5 years ago
Xbox LIVE is the pinnacle service when it comes to online gaming, and the hardware and infrastructure behind the Xbox One console looks to bolster this further. Changes and improvements to your friends list will allow you to interact and compete with gamers like never before, and Xbox One's multiplayer features look to deliver the richest experience possible on Xbox LIVE.


Not only is the friends list getting bumped up to 1,000 people, but you'll also be able to accumulate an infinite number of 'followers' or alternatively be able to follow anyone else. A friend and a follower are very similar in nature although players will be able to follow you without you having to follow them back and vice-versa. You can also set up levels of privacy to dictate what your followers can and cannot see.

There are other ways to explore and interact with Xbox One's new Friends App. The following video goes in to some of the finer details of what to expect from it.

Another exciting aspect of the Xbox One is some of its multi-player and matchmaking features. Xbox LIVE is evolving for Xbox One, bringing forth some innovative new features that simply make LIVE better than ever. A new reputation system rewards those who are good sports and encourages the bad apples to change their ways and play fairly, an innovation we can all appreciate.


A second video highlights some of the features of Xbox LIVE coming to Xbox One, sort of a roundup of details we've known previously with a few new bits intertwined.

You can find these state-of-the-art features on the Xbox One, which launches November 22nd.
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