Dominique Introduced to the Powerstar Golf Lineup

By litepink, 5 years ago
Thus far we’ve received proper introductions to Frank, Reiko, Henry, Kiara, and Laoshi. Now’s the time to get to know Dominique Rider, the latest Powerstar Golf character to be profiled.

Dominique 1

Driven is probably the best way to describe Dominique. She’s driven in the sense that she strives to be the best in everything she does, which includes her many business holdings and endeavours. She’s also quite the driver; a natural behind the wheel who has won back-to-back championships with her motorsports race team. Dominique can also handle a golf driver quite well. Pairing with her own line of Cyclone brand sports equipment and her tenacity to be the best, Dominique is a force to reckon with on the course. The Cyclone brand is patented for its ability to maximize the spin potential of a ball.

Besides her success in business, on the race track, and on the links, Dominique is the creator of the Burning Sands Golf Course. The course is known for being as demanding as it is luxurious. Despite her tenacity and competitive drive, Dominique is known for her charity and philanthropy work too.

Dominique 2

Powerstar Golf will be available at launch for Xbox One.