Windows Phone Deal of the Week: October 17, 2013

By litepink, 5 years ago
Judging by the TA ratios of the achievements for Rocket Riot, the game looks to be a very good way to add a little gamerscore to your running total. As an added bonus, the game is one of the few mobile titles to feature avatar awards, which were added in an post-release update. Another interesting trivia note is that Rocket Riot was a Windows Phone 7 launch title way back in 2010.

Rocket Riot (WP)$4.99/£3.99 $1.99/£1.49
*** Rocket Riot has been updated!!! ***
- In this new update, you can challenge your Xbox LIVE friends to finally decide who really is the best at Rocket Riot. Forever. No takebacks! The player with the highest score gets to brag about it until everyone else is sick of it!
- We've added two avatar awards for you to earn! Now your avatar can be as crazy about Rocket Riot as you are!

Strap on your bazooka soldier, and get ready for the new and improved mobile version of the awesome action-packed side-view shooter Rocket Riot™. In this highly stylized eight-bit era style game, blast your way through the environment against the strangest enemies you will ever encounter. Navigate through a completely destructible environment, uncover special power-ups, or even burrow into different areas of the map. The map regenerates, keeping the action fast-paced, but time doesn't heal all wounds.
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