Fighter Within Screenshots Pack Serious Punch

By litepink, 5 years ago
The idea of a core title utilizing strictly motion controls is often met with a great deal of skepticism. Ubisoft's Fighter Within looks to change people's perception of such titles when it launches exclusively for Kinect on Xbox One. The screenshots don't seem to hold back whatsoever with realistic graphics and violent imagery.

Fighter Within Screenshot 1

Fighter Within Screenshot 2

Fighter Within Screenshot 3

Fighter Within Screenshot 4

Fighter Within Screenshot 5

Fighter Within Screenshot 6

Fighter Within Screenshot 7

Not only will you be able to beat your virtual opponents senselessly, you'll be able to beat up your friends as well, albeit virtually still. The improved Kinect sensor technology allows more precise tracking of two individuals at once for some local multiplayer mayhem. Improvements to the sensor also mean that you'll only need to be a few feet away to play, though the developer recommends five feet of distance for optimal performance. The Kinect for Xbox One will be able to accommodate the wider angle needed to capture two fighters and the play space required for them. You don't want to really roundhouse your friends; then they might not be your friends anymore.

Microsoft may be looking for Fighter Within to deliver. With Kinect Sports Rivals falling out of the console's initial launch window, this game may need to fill the hole as the go-to Kinect title on Xbox One.

Fighter Within is coming exclusively to Xbox One at launch.