Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition - More Info

By litepink, 5 years ago
With the revealing of the Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition, some questions may have been left unanswered; namely, how and when will we be able to obtain the remaining pins in the collection? The Ultimate Edition includes the display folio and the first two pins, but the means of obtaining the remaining pins was unclear. We now have the details on how to acquire additional pins to complete your collection.

The first two pins will be available with the Ultimate Edition of the game: the Jago character pin and the Killer Instinct logo pin. The pins are separated into two different categories; character pins and engagement pins. Here are the details on obtaining the remaining pins.

Character pins:
• A new character pin will be released each month for a total of 8 at the end of the season
• Character pins are available for purchase at the Penny Arcade online store for $14.99*

Engagement pins:
• A new engagement activity (with corresponding pin) will be released each month for a total of 8 at the end of the season
• Engagement activities will be a combination of in-game and community challenges and in-person events (e.g. PAX East)
• Complete a monthly challenge and we’ll cover the cost of your pin (you cover shipping/handling), or pick one up at any of the in-person events.
• If you missed participating in any of the monthly challenges, no worries, these will also be available for purchase at the Penny Arcade online store for $14.99*

(*) suggested retail price, does not include shipping and handling, subject to change
All pins will be limited in quantities, so make sure you grab them while they last.


Based off this official description it sounds like seven more character pins will be available to purchase in limited quantities, and seven more engagement pins will be made available through monthly challenges and/or special engagements like PAX. Engagement pins will also be made available from the Penny Arcade should you miss a particular challenge or event. Alternatively, you can find a ‘Pin Pal’ and trade with other Pinny Arcade pin collectors.

Although this sounds like this is going to be an expensive collection to complete, Pinny Arcade pins are highly sought after collectibles made of high quality materials. The monthly challenges are what interests this author the most, as they are essentially real-life rewards for achieving something in-game. You can choose to display your accomplishments and collection on an article of clothing or a backpack, but given the fact that the Pin Ultimate Edition comes with a display folio, you’ll probably want to keep them neatly tucked away in there instead.

You have other purchasing options besides the Pin Ultimate Edition of course. We detailed the pricing structure for Killer Instinct previously, but here’s a handy little infographic reminding you of your price options, including free, Combo Breaker Pack, Ultra Edition, and the newly added Pin Ultimate Edition. Something noteworthy about this chart is that it confirms that Jago won’t be the only character made available for free; the spot will rotate other characters in over time.


The Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition is exclusive to the Microsoft Store, and is available to pre-order now. Killer Instinct will be available as a downloadable launch title on Xbox One.