Three Square Enix Collections Revealed for Retail

By litepink,
A trio of retail collections for Square Enix/Eidos' most popular franchises have been revealed via a set of packshots. They will be releasing under the Xbox 360's "Classics" label.

Kane and Lynch Collection
Kane and Jane Lynch Collection

- Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
- Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Just Cause Collection
Just Becuase Collection

- Just Cause
- Just Cause 2

Tomb Raider Collection
Indiana Jones Collection

- Tomb Raider: Legend
- Tomb Raider: Anniversary
- Tomb Raider: Underworld

Based off the box art we know that the collections will be coming to PAL regions for sure, but we're unsure about other regions at this point in time. A release date has not been revealed either, but given that all of these games have already been developed we can't expect it to be too far away, right? We'll have more details on their releases as they emerge.