Happy Wars Update Incoming for Wartober

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
The one year anniversary of the release of Happy Wars, the free-to-play XBLA title, passed earlier this week. However, as we detailed previously, ToyLogic is having an extended birthday celebration for the game taking in the entirety of October.

As we confirmed before, there is a plethora of updates and changes for Happy Wars as a result and more details have now been revealed. The biggest development is the introduction of an Engineer in the Cleric character type. The Engineer "specialises in construction, upgrading cannon and ballista materials to construct rocket launchers and Gatling guns, skillfully repairing castle gates, and so on", and uses a special weapon to cause massive amounts of damage to enemies. The Engineer can be unlocked by completing three special quests, or alternatively by simply redeeming Happy Tickets. The brand-new character follows The Zephyr after it was introduced in August.

Sales and offers were also promised within Happy Wars this month. The latest bunch of special deals and discounts, including the Halloween Campaign, Special Challenge No. 9, and a 50% Off Sale for Happy Cards, are highlighted below:

Halloween Campaign
- Designed to put you right into the holiday spirit with free masks to turn your character into a monster!
- Wear the “Werewolf Head”, the “Franken Head”, and the “Vampire Head” to fit right in with the holiday decorations of the stages and the Sacred Armor.
- Performance-enhanced during the campaign, so transform into a monster on the decorated stages and soak up the Halloween spirit!

Special Challenge No. 9
- Welcomes the invasion of lovely and ferocious Grizzlies!
- Don’t be led astray by their perfectly adorable appearance — drive them back, and the reward item for transforming into a honey-loving bear can be yours.
- Let’s all join forces to drive away the grizzly bears!

50% Off Sale for Happy Cards
- You can obtain Happy Cards for half the usual number of Happy Tickets.
- Use Happy Cards to get powerful Super Premium Items and Premium Items.
- Take advantage of this rare chance to pick card after card for great items.

The 50% Sale is only available until October 20th, with the Halloween Campaign and Special Challenge running to October 31st. It's likely that you'll need to restart Happy Wars to allow the newest update to be applied.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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