We have some news today not from the "bad news" department, but more from the "scary news" department. See, back in August, we brought you the news that the Game For Windows Live service would be shutting down in July of 2014. Though that is still quite a number of months away, the impact of the decision to shutter the service is already being felt, as Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC), Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY (PC), and Batman: Arkham City (PC) have already been updated on Steam to remove GFWL ahead of the shutdown.

The bad news is, if you were playing either title through Steam, the achievements are gone along with the GFWL functionality. The good news is that, if you have the disc, achievements seem to be unaffected. Since many people probably picked up the games during the various Steam sales on the series, the news of functioning disc versions probably isn't too helpful, but at least now you know. If you downloaded it from Steam, it'll still operate as normal. If you purchased the game elsewhere, you'll need to head here to learn more about Steam and sign up for an account, and then follow the below steps to activate your game if you want to continue to play it through Steam.

1. Click ADD A GAME....

2. Select Activate a Product on Steam..

3. Click Next.

4. Click I Agree.

5. Enter your CD Key and select next once the game finishes downloading you will be able to play the game.
Once done, you can play the game from anywhere without needing the disc. Keep in mind, however, that any saves you had will be lost, so you'll need to start the game fresh when doing this. Once again, keep in mind the disc versions still have those precious achievements, so you may want to hang onto it or go out and grab one.

Of course, the scary part is the precedent is set now that games can lose their GFWL functionality via Steam at any time. Companies will start transitioning to avoid interruptions in service, but they may not issue a warning as to when that will happen. If you've been hording any PC titles, you may want to get to work on them soon!
Credit for this story goes to bosoxdanc
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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