New Feature - Achievement Win Streaks

By Rich Stone, 5 years ago
We got a great request in the podcast mailbag this week from Mr Granstaff asking for a new stat on the site - Achievement Win Streaks.

A win streak is a run of consecutive days in which you pop at least one online achievement.

Timezones always make these things trickier than they should be, so in order to keep the code simple (and quick), for the purposes of TA's win streak system, a day is considered from midnight to midnight GMT midnight to midnight PST. You should be able to work out what times that equates to in your timezone.

I have added a new panel to the right hand side of your homepage, called Win Streaks, which shows your top 10 longest streaks. This will also include streaks you earned from before you joined the site. If you are on a streak currently, that streak will show in green. If not, your current or last streak will be shown beneath.

Clicking on a streak will take you to the streak page, which shows you all achievements earned during the streak. On the right hand side of this page you'll also see your friends best streaks, and the top 50 streaks on site, along with whether they are ongoing or not.

As with any panel, you can remove the Win Streak panel from your homepage if you don't want to see it, or change the header colour, from this page.

You'll also see your top 20 streaks on your stats page.


P.S. A big shout goes out to tjayars for the site's current longest streak: tjayars Win Streak - 1821 days from 17 Feb 10 - staggering!

UPDATE: Due to many people using the 360v timezone of PST for this, I'm about to recalculate everyone's streaks using that timezone. It will take a few hours though!

UPDATE 2: I'm going to look into a way to allow streaks to be based on a gamer's own timezone. That will take a couple of days to sort though.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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