TA Podcast: Are You Ready to Rock-Tober!?

By Jonathan Barnes,
Happy Pod-day, Gamers!

We're BACK with this October's TA Podcast. This month, Matrarch, TrueAchievement, and I are chatting about Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One) Achievements, the prevalence of Season Passes for game content, and all of the site's hottest news and updates.

We'll also break the news on how we all did on this past month's achievement challenge.

SPOILER ALERT: There was crying.

Not to be deterred by tears and hand cramps, we select another challenge for all three of us and answer a few questions from the mailbag.

If you've read this far, you might also be interested to know that we tease some pretty big news and events in this month's pod... so be sure to listen for that. [/tease]

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Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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