BandFuse: Rock Legends Shows More Screens

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Guitar games have come a long way since their conception. Starting with the basic five button guitars and then moving on to guitars with just over 100 buttons, games have now done away with peripherals in favour of the ability to plug in your own guitar. While Ubisoft is hoping that the second instalment of the Rocksmith franchise will do well next week, Realta Entertainment hopes that the tutorials provided by real-life rock gods will tempt players over to Bandfuse: Rock Legends next month. The latest batch of screenshots show off a variety of the many options that will be available to players in the title:

18/10/13 Screen 1

18/10/13 Screen 2

18/10/13 Screen 3

18/10/13 Screen 4

18/10/13 Screen 5

18/10/13 Screen 6

18/10/13 Screen 7

18/10/13 Screen 8

18/10/13 Screen 9

18/10/13 Screen 10

18/10/13 Screen 11

18/10/13 Screen 12

18/10/13 Screen 13

18/10/13 Screen 14

BandFuse Rock Legends is due to be released in North America on November 19th, 2013. A release date for Japan is yet to be confirmed. At the moment, a release for Europe or Australia does not appear to be planned.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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