Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Awards Details

By Marc Caccamise, 5 years ago
The beta for Battlefield 4 may have ended, but DICE is continuing to pour on the information in order to further educate gamers about their upcoming first-person shooter. In the latest Battlefield blog the topic of discussion was centered on the vast amount of multiplayer rewards that players will be able to earn. The major, underlying theme is DICE's attempt to get players to work towards the team-based objectives, thereby making it a much more team-based experience overall.

Medals, ribbons, and service stars are nothing new to Battlefield's multiplayer, but the sheer amount of unlockables that will be in Battlefield 4 is quite impressive. Throughout your multiplayer career there will be over 900 unique rewards to earn, including 45 ribbons that can be earned an infinite amount of times, and 130 different service stars which can be earned 100 times each. Some of these rewards will only be obtainable by one of the four different player classes, while other types of rewards will require a higher player rank, which goes up to Colonel at rank 100.

Progressing through the ranks depends entirely on your accumulated score that you build up from game to game. Everything that you do in these games earns you points ranging from kills and assists to flag captures and objective arming. Now with the new changes that Battlefield 4 is going to implement, earning points on everything you do is going to be the case more so than ever before. In the past, players would only be awarded points upon the successful completion of a team-based objective, no matter how close they were to completing it. However, starting in Battlefield 4 players will be rewarded for attempting to complete the objective, even if they are unsuccessful. As soon as the player begins capturing a flag, arming a bomb, or whatever the objective is they will begin earning points, therefore giving incentive to players for attempting to play the point of that game.

Weapon and gadget unlocks are also going to be working differently this time around. Unlocks of certain types of weapons will not be dependent on what class you choose to play as but rather what type of weapon you're using. If you're a fan of assault rifles and want the next best thing in that class then you'll unlock the next tiers of weapons and gadgets by using and earning points with assault rifles. Players will also be rewarded with what are known as Battlepacks which will be earned at random rank intervals. Battlepacks will consist of an array of items including weapon accessories, weapon paints, soldier camos, dog tags, XP boosts, and unique knife designs. Battlepacks will come in either bronze, silver, or gold depending on your rank, and whichever one is received will determine the amount included in the pack and the chance to get a rare item.

In addition to these details, a new Battlefield Bootcamp video has been released showing off Domination gameplay:

Battlefield 4 is set to be released for the Xbox 360 on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe. The Xbox One version of the game be will released on November 22nd.
Marc Caccamise
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