Three Beastly Screens for Bound By Flame

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
The beasts of upcoming RPG Bound by Flame sound terrifying. They are definitely looking the part as well. If the last set of screenshots is anything to go by, then you'll certainly agree with me. Before we get down to the grizzly bits, some information on combat has been released, explaining the approach players will have to take.

Bound by Flame uses the combat system designed for Mars War Logs, the previous Spiders RPG where the highly dynamic and tactical approach to the combat proved a real hit with players, but goes further and offers players even greater variety and tactical depth in battles. This has been made possible by the richness and originality of the game bestiary, where every creature has attacks, special skills and, in particular, behavior that is unique to them, forcing the player to adapt his tactics and combat style depending on the composition of the groups of enemies he encounters. This, combined with the wide range of attacks available to the player, the use of magic and some impressive combat animations, make the battles in Bound by Flame both tactically complex and spectacular.
As promised, here are some brand new screenshots showing off more of the impressive bestiary.

20/10/13 1

20/10/13 2

20/10/13 3

Bound By Flame currently has a release window of early 2014.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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