Forum Improvement Ideas

By xPut Name Herex, 5 years ago
Hey TAers!

With the site's never-ending quest to improve, we have decided it's time to make some improvements to the forums. To try to assist with this, I have taken on the role of the site's Forum Manager. My goal is to make the forums an easy, welcoming place where everything gaming and non-gaming can be discussed by our awesome community members. Here are some things we have, and will be doing, to make the forums even better:

1) Re-organizing the Forums!
As the site has grown over the years to encompass much more than Xbox 360 gaming, it has become obvious that there isn't always a good place to post the discussions you want to have with fellow TAers. To remedy this, we will be adding some brand new forums, and better organizing the existing ones for you to have your discussions. We've recently added Film and TV Forum, Sports Forum, Music Forum to the Off-topic section as a test and hope to be rolling out new forums such as "Windows 8" and "Windows Phone" in due course.

2) The Return of New Achievement Threads!
Something from the earliest era of the site, threads to discuss achievements for a new game are back! For example, take a look at Rocksmith 2014 achievements are now on the site . These threads will be added automatically when achievements are first scanned on to the site, allowing you to discuss what you see with fellow TAers. Of course, we'll still be bringing you site-sponsored Achievement Preview Spotlights for the biggest releases, but for everything else, there's now a place to talk about them!

3) Better Accessibility!
Sometimes the forum you are looking for tends to get buried within the site. We will be looking for ways to make everything more accessible so you can discuss everything from gaming to books to movies to sports more easily with your fellow TAers.

4) Your Recommendations!
TrueAchievements to me has always been first and foremost a community site. It simply wouldn't be here today without you and the rest of the community creating solutions, writing walkthroughs, voting, commenting and everything else to make the site as good as it is. As such, we want to hear from you! If there's anything you think could make the forums here even better, please post in the thread or PM me so we as a community can discuss. I'm sure there are a lot of good ideas floating around out there just waiting to be acted upon!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you all! smile

-PNH, Forum Manager