GTA Online – First Stimulus Deposit This Week

By litepink, 5 years ago
Rockstar has set a time table for the arrival of the first cash deposit of the Stimulus Package, the 500,000 GTA$ gift meant to mediate frustrations over GTA Online’s early woes. Although some issues still linger, Rockstar has attempted to knock out some of the bigger problems in a recent title update. The incoming bankroll surplus is meant as a way of saying thanks to players for their patience during the online’s forecasted ”teething problems”.

For those budgeting their GTA$ ahead of time, you can expect the first deposit of $250,000 to arrive this week, Rockstar has confirmed. Another deposit of $250,000 will then be made after that, giving you a total of $500,000 to blow on cars, houses, guns, or whatever your pleasure may be. The cash will certainly be helpful towards a few of the achievements and platinum medals associated with GTA Online as well. To be eligible for the free GTA$, all you'll have to do is play GTA Online during the month of October.

What will you be spending your cash on?