Achievement Win Streaks Version 2

By Rich Stone, 5 years ago
On Friday we brought you news of a new site feature - Achievement Win Streaks.

Initially, these streaks were based on the GMT time zone as that's where our servers are located. However, many of you that have been tracking your own achievement streaks on other sites requested that we switch to PST as that is the time zone those others sites have been using.

This made it clear to me that TA achievement streaks would be much simpler for everyone if you were able to set your own time zone for them. You are now able to do that in My Settings.

Your setting will currently be set to Pacific Standard Time, so feel free to change it to your local time zone.

Note: Changing your Achievement Streak Time Zone will cause all your existing streaks to be recalculated using that time zone. This means you can't gain an advantage by changing it multiple times to avoid missing a day.

You also requested more information on the streaks themselves - now you will also see the number of achievements in a streak, and by clicking through to the streak you will see a summary of the number of TA, GamerScore and games in the streak at the bottom of the achievement list.

There is also now an Achievement Streak Site Leaderboard that shows the best streaks on the site. You can find your best streak on this leaderboard by clicking the Find Me button (although you need a streak of at least 20 days to appear on it), or filter it to show just your friends best streaks.

Additionally, as your streak progresses, you will get a friend feed item every 25 days of your streak that will link through to the streak details. Of course if you don't want to see any of these friend feed items then they can be hidden from the My Settings page.

Thank you for all your ideas that have made this feature even better!

Additional notes

1. At least one achievement per day in a streak must be won online - your streak may not match streaks on other sites if they do not also observe this rule.

2. Currently not everyone has had their streaks recalculated for PST. This will happen the next time you have an achievement scanned, or you can force this process by changing your Achievement Streak time zone in My Settings - don't forget to press Save!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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