Regional Price and Game Information Now Available

By Chad and Jessie, 5 years ago
Hello fellow TA’ers,

As many of you may have noticed, when Microsoft phased out Microsoft Points for purchases, the price in points displayed on our TA game pages also disappeared. Since we are an international site, with community members hailing from all over the globe, we wanted to implement a system that allowed for prices to show in your region’s currency. Over the last few months the Game Info Team and TrueAchievment have been working hard on making the necessary adjustments to the site to reflect these changes and I’m happy to introduce you to some of these adjustments.

One of these changes is the new Official Store Region setting. This setting gives TA’ers the ability to view game information for their selected region without needing to change their location of residence which would affect leaderboards amongst other things. By going to Regional Settings you can now select from the following 7 regions in the Official Store Region drop down:

- United States
- United Kingdom
- Canada
- Australia
- Germany
- Japan
- Europe

Note: Europe should be selected if you are in Europe and use Euros, but are not in the UK or Germany.

These regions were chosen as between them they cover over 98% of the TA user base.

If a game is not available in your selected region, for example Buku Sudoku (MX) which is only available in Mexico, we have added the appropriate region info for that game and regardless of your selected region, everyone will be defaulted to that game’s region.

This system also allows for us to add prices for games we previously couldn’t and you’ll now see prices for Windows Phone, Windows 8, Games on Demand, as well as XBLA and DLC. Along with adding prices in currency we have also added a few other region specific info to our games pages. Now, via the magic of the internet, the Xbox LIVE Store link found in the ‘Game Information’ box on the game pages will direct you to YOUR selected region. There are also notice a few other additions in this box, like Size in Mb or Gb and Age Rating for the game. Since all of these can and do vary by region the info displayed will be dependent on your preset region information.

Besides games pages we’ve also applied these regional prices in currency to the Sales Hub. Here you can not only see the sale prices in your region, but we’ve also added a drop down so you can toggle between the other region sales.

We’ve also made changes to our Submit Game Info pages to allow for region specific info to be submitted. Now, when submitting game info, you can indicate if the info you are submitting info for on specific region or all regions.

Thanks all!