Mad Riders DLC Achievements Are Finally Live

By litepink,
Ubisoft’s arcade racer MAD RIDERS was released in May of last year, and in our review we praised it for being both ‘fun’ and ‘accessible’ despite being a bit ‘ugly’ at times.

A month later, the first and only piece of downloadable content arrived in the form of the Zambia Pack. The DLC offered some new races and vehicles for racers to play in the mud with. The Zambia Pack also brought three new achievements and fifty Gamerscore. However, these only showed up in-game and weren’t added to

This isn’t an occurrence that is unheard of in regards to DLC achievements. There have been several instances in which the achievements weren’t added for many hours after release or sometimes a few days later in even. Then there are a few rare instances where the achievements are never added to, forever robbing us of the added accomplishments. Those following the Mad Riders situation likely felt that the “Zambia Pack” would be destined for the same fate as the months passed. Thankfully, it appears that this won’t be the case. The three new achievements have been added to and are now unlockable and viewable to all.

Mad RidersEncoreThe Encore achievement in Mad Riders worth 42 pointsAchieve a 3-star rating in all "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" races

Mad RidersAlpha and OmegaThe Alpha and Omega achievement in Mad Riders worth 20 pointsReach driver level 15

Mad RidersKeep on sharingThe Keep on sharing achievement in Mad Riders worth 39 pointsWin 10 multiplayer races on tracks from "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" events

Mad Riders is available on XBLA for $9.99/£6.75. The “Zambia Pack” DLC is priced at $2.99/£1.99.

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