Upcoming Madden NFL 25 Patch Detailed

By litepink, 5 years ago
Madden NFL 25 is set to receive its second title update, which looks to fix issues pertaining to gameplay, Ultimate Team, Connected Franchises, presentation and more. Below is the list of items EA is going to be addressing in this update.

- Improved stability in all game modes.
- Fixed an issue with Gameface, which made eyes render gray.
- Tuned in-game injuries which were occurring too frequently.
- Tuned pull blocking in various scenarios on the offensive line.
- Tuned down broken tackles when using the Truck Stick.
- Fixed an issue with toss/sweep plays when game speed was set to Slow
- Fixed an issue with Solo Challenges awarding players a win without finishing the game.
- Fixed an issue where offline users that earned a Gold in a Skill Tutorial would not receive the content in Madden Ultimate Team.
- Fixed an issue where some players from an Imported Draft Class would not have facemasks.
- Tuned ratings for imported draft classes (Coming in too low compared to NCAA Football 14 ratings.
- Fixed an issue with accelerated clock in CFM Head-to-Head games.
- Fixed an exploit where users could make trades outside of Week 8 from the web.
- Fixed an issue where the same draft storylines would appear in consecutive seasons.
- Fixed an issue where the Vikings stadium overlay would show unrealistically low temperatures and heavy snow during the preseason.
- Fixed an issue where toggles for Heat Seeker, Switch Assist, and Ball Hawk would be OFF in game even though they were ON in league settings.
- Reinstated touchdown celebrations in all online game modes.
- Improved logic used to select GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Game.
An estimated arrival time for the update hasn’t been set yet, just that it’s "coming soon". Madden NFL 25 is available now for Xbox 360 and will be a launch title when Xbox One releases on November 22nd.