Dragon Age 2 Alpha Screenshots

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
I believe I figured out why Bioware went with the name "Hawke" for the upcoming Dragon Age 2 sequel. It was so I could make corny jokes like the strapline of this story. Anyways, GameInformer continues the slow drip of information leaking out about their cover piece on Dragon Age 2.

That makes one wonder what will be left in the article to read if they continue to release the details like they have. They know they have a giant story, but they are unveiling the almost the entire thing before it hits the stands.

Anyways, these two screenshots look to be a little rough. The close-up of Hawke does look well done, but the second one lacks a lot of polish. Speculation is that these are late alpha screenshots. These images confirm you will be battling darkspawn and more specifically Hurlocks and Ogres.

Allegedly, Bioware is aware of how flat the graphics for Dragon Age: Origins was, and that is a reason for the new artistic direction. They believe this game will be hitting on all cylinders in that department. I reserve to pass judgment another day.

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