Powerstar Golf Rival Mode Pits You vs. Friends

By litepink, 5 years ago
The new Rival Mode has been revealed for Powerstar Golf, which lets you challenge your friend’s all-time and weekly best scores. When playing Powerstar Golf on Xbox LIVE, your best rounds are uploaded to the cloud for others to view and challenge.

Rivals Mode Images

Every shot and detail of the round is recorded, so when challenging another’s score you can see exactly which shortcuts were taken, what club was used, and even the caddie that was chosen. In case you didn’t know, the caddie you choose can make a difference in Powerstar Golf. You’d be wise to study your opponents and learn from successes and mistakes they make during a round.

Aside from bragging rights, beating your friends’ score will grant you valuable XP to upgrade your gear. Should you lose though, your friend gets a reward instead. It makes for a great incentive to putting up a really good round for others to attempt to topple!

Rivals Mode Images

Powerstar Golf launches with Xbox One on November 22nd.