Karaoke Six-Hour Passes Half Off for Two Weeks

By litepink, 5 years ago
Those of you looking to host a raging all-night karaoke party this Halloween can get in on this special for 50% off a six-hour pass in Karaoke for Xbox 360. From now until November 7th, you can belt out tunes while earning some achievements for half the price. The six-hour block usually costs $4.99, so just $2.49 during this promotion. The 50% off sale extends to other regions of the world too.

Karaoke can be downloaded on Xbox 360 for free. You can earn all of the game’s achievements without purchasing a time block for songs as you are granted 5 free song plays a day 15 minutes of song play a day. Buying a time pass such as the one on sale will aid in the speed of your completion in addition to offering a greater deal of song variety. You will need a Kinect and a SmartGlass compatible device for 100% completion, however.

We've got the full list of Karaoke achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.