Dead Rising 2 DLC and Combo Cards

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
The Dead Rising 2 information train seems to be working at high speeds lately. Perhaps there is a build-up to a release date announcement for Dead Rising: Case Zero, but that is purely the author's speculation. The latest bit of information to seep out into the internet is some of the pre-order DLC and a little more information about weapon construction.

One of the things that makes people really excited for Dead Rising 2 is, yes zombie killing, but more importantly: weapon creation. Every time I read about this game it brings me back fondly to Home Alone on the Genesis. I have yet to encounter a much more entertaining item creation system since then. I believe Dead Rising 2 will win on that one.

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Combo cards are an item that you can hold in the game that help provide players with different possibilities for item creations. 31 of these in-game cards are being manufactured to be given away with each purchase of Dead Rising 2! Inside of each game of Dead Rising 2 you will get 3 random combo cards of your own! It is unclear at this time if these are pre-order bonuses or will be available across all retail releases. UPDATE: Since more information has come out these are pre-order bonuses for Japanese customers, so far. It is unclear if other regions will be able to swap cards with their buddies or not. I believe the phrase is 'lucky gits'.

Those who also pre-order the game will get a code for a DLC package titled "Paradise Pack (Psycho)". Not much is known about the content but Capcom did recently confirm that this DLC will be available at a later date as paid content. I really wish other companies took a similar approach to pre-order exclusives. They do make a dilemma at times on where to get a game, but at the same time I would pay some MSP for a Golden Proton Pack.