Battle System Update for Ultra Street Fighter 4

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
On Capcom's official blog site, employee 'ComboFiend' has gone into some detail on some of the new changes being incorporated into the upcoming Ultra edition of Super Street Fighter IV. To be released as both a DLC update to current versions and a standalone retail edition, Ultra Street Fighter IV will include two new combat mechanics titled the 'Ultra Combo Double' and the 'Red Focus Attack'. These are promised to majorly change the way the game is played for each of the 39 current characters in the Street Fighter IV roster in addition to the five new characters to be included (featuring some from Street Fighter X Tekken).

Battle System Update

Ultra Combo Double
Before the start of the round, you are normally permitted to pick either your Ultra I or Ultra II combo sets. Now, you will be able to actually select both; simply fill up your revenge gauge and perform your choice of combo, albeit at a reduced level of effectiveness. This is sure to make rounds a lot less predictable and will give you a lot more offensive choice in battle.
Battle System Update

The screenshot below shows how the new gauge will appear while Ultra Combo Double is in effect. The developers jokingly refer to the letter 'W' as sounding a lot like 'Double U' (that is, 'Double Ultra'), hence why it appears in the gauge:

Battle System Update

Red Focus Attack
The Red Focus Attack is an extension of the Focus Attack battle system that primarily serves to beef up your defensive capabilities. Using the 'Super' meter, players will now be able to absorb multiple attacks, and its activation will be characterized by a distinctive red glow around the player's fighter. In addition, the Red Focus Attack can be dash cancelled just like the standard Focus Attack.

Battle System Update

Not sure how these are to affect the game? Why not get a more solid idea for how these combat mechanics will actually appear and be applied in game by viewing the following test gameplay footage:

Ultra Street Fighter IV is still currently slated for an early 2014 release and will have an expected retail price of $39.99 USD (the retail copy will include all of the character costume DLC from the previous two titles). The alternative DLC update for those who already own Super Street Fighter IV, including the Arcade Edition, is to be $14.99 USD.