Career Mode Details Revealed for Powerstar Golf

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Last week, details of the online multi-player Rival Mode, that takes advantage of the new cloud technology, were revealed for Powerstar Golf.


Microsoft Studios has now provided more information about the single-player Career Mode within Powerstar Golf. You'll earn XP by completing events, and that XP can be used to develop your golfer and their gear. Each course in the game will have a reigning champion and you'll have to get the better of each of those golfers to gain medals and related XP. The medal structure will increase replayability, as the publisher expects that gamers will have to return to events to gain bronze, silver, and gold medals tied to each task. The golden moments in each event won't end there, as a special set of events and challenges will be unlocked when you complete the main ones.


Many, many golfing characters have been revealed in recent months with the likes of Frank, Reiko, Henry, Kiara, Master Laoshi, and Dominique all profiled for the upcoming title. The environments have also been showcased as Rocky Ridge, City Park, Emperor's Garden, and Burning Sands offer varied terrain and obstacles.

Powerstar Golf tees off on the Xbox One when the new console is released on November 22nd.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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