EA Drops Tiger Woods Partnership

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Tiger Woods has had a chequered career. After working his way to the position of the world's number one golfer, his form then took a dive after a number of personal revelations. Although he has now returned to that lofty position, his image never recovered, and he lost a few advertising and sponsorship deals. EA had persevered with the golfer throughout this time, still featuring him as the lead golfer in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series although later years have seen the golfer sharing the game's cover with fellow players. Now, that partnership has also come to an end.

After EA and Tiger Woods came to a mutual decision to end their partnership, EA has announced that they will be working exclusively with the PGA Tour to create their future golfing titles. The publisher hinted that future titles are likely to contain "more choice and customization in how and where" golf fans play, as well as the authentic courses and players that we're already used to. Very little else was said about the upcoming next-generation title, but we did get to see a shot of the game that is already in development when compared to Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14.


Do you want to see a larger version of the next-generation? Take a look:


EA promised to bring us some more news soon, so keep your eyes open here at TA for any further developments.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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