Halo: Spartan Assault Coming to Xbox One and 360

By litepink, 5 years ago
The release of Halo Spartan Assault was met with a good deal of positive reception. The popular franchise made its way exclusively to Microsoft operating systems on PC, tablets, and mobile devices, giving the owners of these products something unique that couldn’t be found elsewhere. While many people were excited to see Halo outside of home consoles, a large demographic were calling for a more conventional release of the top-down shooter, such as on Xbox LIVE Arcade. These people have had their wishes granted, as Halo Spartan Assault has been announced for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 for digital release.

The game will be more than just a straight port. New missions, modes, enemies, and more are to be included in the console iterations of the game.


• Play longer than ever in a new online Co-op mode, and watch each other's backs with all-new Co-op missions
• Engage in Operation Hydra, the expansion from the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 game that brings mystery and a chilling addition to the single player Campaign
• Wage war against a persistent and overwhelming enemy – encounter the Flood for the first time in Halo: Spartan Assault
• Go in strong with an expanded arsenal that brings you more weapons, more armor abilities, and more upgrades – it's the ultimate Spartan Assault experience!
Halo Spartan Assault will be available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 sometime in December. A full retail release for the Halo franchise is in the works for 2014.