Medal of Honor Limited Edition

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
EA have announced the next Medal of Honor title (due out October 12th for the US, and October 15th for Europe) now has a Limited Edition available for pre-order.

The Limited Edition offers the gamers the chance to play as a Tier 1 Operative with access to enhanced weaponry. Full details are given on the Medal of Honor website and replicated below:

[The] Limited Edition version of Medal of Honor that will grant players exclusive access to the MP7, a unique weapon utilized by Tier 1 Operators in the field. Limited Edition owners will also benefit from day-one access to the TOZ-194 and 870MC2 shotguns, while others must rank up to secure these weapon unlocks. Gamers can pre-order the Limited Edition now at at no additional cost.
Available to pre-order at no extra cost? Sounds like a no-brainer. But to help colour in the details of the weaponry on offer Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer, offers a run down on the qualities of the MP7:

Access to a weapon like the MP7 will allow players to experience a tool developed with the Special Operations Community in mind. With its light weight, high rate of fire and its ability to penetrate body armor, the MP7 handles like a pistol yet allows targets to be engaged like a rifle.
Head over to the official website in the external link below if you want to reserve your copy.