New Project Spark Gameplay Video

By Cindy Minguez, 5 years ago
Microsoft Studios and Dakota have released more streaming gameplay footage of their upcoming Project Spark, a game devoted to creating one's own worlds. In this video, we see developers create not just environments but a whole new game - a horror game, no less. Be warned - this demonstration lasts almost an hour, so get cozy before you start this one.

Excerpt from a Project Spark live stream where the developers create the Cabin in the Woods horror game by riffing off each other and the community to create unexpectedly fun and scary game play that even surprised the devs themselves.
Project Spark is coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Win 8, but no release dates have yet been announced. You can go here to sign up for the beta.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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