Do You Do Everything with Your Shirt Off?

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
This isn't exactly gaming news. This is news involving someone from the gaming industry and something awesome.

In America, there is this new Old Spice commercial. Let me just tell you that Old Spice commercials are top notch. This one is no exception. Let me give you some background so you can understand the awesome you're about to deal in.

Old Spice knows they have a new solid marketing campaign. So solid that they solicited questions for the Old Spice Man and he responds occasionally with a new video.

Enter Cliff Bleszinski. Creator of the Gears of War series.

Cliffy B asked over twitter:
“Do you do everything with your shirt off? Like, drive to the supermarket? Because I usually do.”
To which Old Spice Man responded with:

Just awesome. There you have it folks. It is official. Gears of War is best played with your shirt off.

I can confirm that boosting with a shirt off is the best method. Point values double and triple, time needed to grind out those achievements is halved or quartered in some cases. Don't believe me? Ask Huggy2011 and Manifest95. They were there with me last night. It's the only method I boost with.