EA Confirms New FIFA World Cup Title

By Rebecca Smith,
The time of year has come again where many game developers and publishers announce their financial results for the last quarter. In this case, the results are rolling in for Q2 FY2014. In these announcements, we get a full rundown of the games that the companies have released along with their performance at retailers. We also get a very fleeting glimpse at the titles that are scheduled to appear in the near future.

EA is one of those companies who announced their results today. The future releases included, not surprisingly, EA SPORTS UFC and Dragon Age: Inquisition. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil also garnered a mention. However, amidst all of the titles that we expected to make an appearance, there was one that we hadn't seen before. At some point throughout the remainder of this year, or possibly heading into fiscal year 2015, EA will be releasing a new title in the FIFA World Cup franchise.

Platforms have not been confirmed, although the game did appear in a later conversation with EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen when he was asked about titles for the next generation of consoles. This implies that the game will make an appearance on the Xbox One, but we don't know any more. As soon as we hear something, we'll be sure to let you know!

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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