Should We Allow Multiple Walkthroughs Per Game?

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
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Here at TA we're big fans of asking for input from the community on how we can improve things, and today it's the turn of the site's walkthrough system to step up to the plate.

As you may or may not be aware, there has been plenty of debate surrounding the current structure of our walkthroughs and whether or not this is the most streamlined and fair system that we can provide. The topics in point range from the style of walkthroughs we should or shouldn't have, to the length of publication times.

As we are always looking to improve on how we manage the walkthroughs and how they are viewed and regarded by the community, we need your insight into which direction walkthroughs should be heading.

The most pressing matter we consider most worthy of a poll is the topic of multiple walkthroughs. If we were to implement a feature where we allow more than one walkthrough per game, would you see this as a benefit or a hindrance?

Should you wish for a system that allows for more than one walkthrough per game, then be sure to vote for the 'It would be better if we could have multiple walkthroughs per game' option. If this option were to win, the walkthrough team would look at creating a system that would allow for this as soon as possible.

If you prefer the current system of only allowing one walkthrough per game however, then you should vote for the 'I prefer the single walkthrough per game system we have now' option. If this option were to win, then the current one walkthrough per game system would stay in place and other changes would be made to improve the walkthrough system.

To help you decide here are some of the benefits and disadvantages to a multiple walkthrough system.

- No pressure to complete a walkthrough from the community and/or staff members. As there is no one, single walkthrough, the pressure to complete a walkthrough is removed.
- No interference from other community members. When you write a walkthrough, no other member can make edits to your work, meaning your work truly is your work (Walkthrough Overseers still have access to make necessary edits, however).
- More content. With multiple walkthroughs there will be more coverage on the content of games that you want to complete. With different writers brings different writing styles; it just depends on which walkthrough you prefer.
- Competition. A little competition to write a better walkthrough than one that is already published cannot hurt, right?

- More content doesn't necessarily mean better content. There's no benchmark of making a truly great walkthrough, therefore installing a multiple walkthrough system would perhaps encourage unhelpful or watered-down variations.
- More content for our Overseers to check. With more walkthroughs being reviewed by our team, the longer it will take for the walkthroughs to be published which, as we all know, can become frustrating.
- Competition. Some writers may feel that their walkthrough may become overshadowed by newer or more in-depth walkthroughs.
- Spread of information over multiple places. Multiple walkthroughs could result in the best information being spread over multiple places rather than in just one place.

Every vote counts, and we'd like to see some civil discussion about the matter in the thread for this poll, both from avid writers and causal readers of walkthroughs.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
Ellis is a newshound and former manager of the walkthrough team. When he's not busy writing the latest news, he'll likely be found battling through his backlog, playing indie games, buying yet another indie game bundle or making a game of his own.