Next Bonus XP Event For Gears of War 2

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Another week, another story going up about Rod Fergusson , the man known as GearsViking on Twitter. Why is this man so important right now? Because the amount of people following GearsViking on Twitter will directly impact the amount of XP for the next Gears of War 2 event.

Ok, here's my bribe. The SDCC XP event will be # of my followers divided by 500. So 4000 followers means 8x XP.
The San Diego Comic Con will be running from July 22 through the 25. That's next weekend for those without a calendar in close proximity. As of now (noon on Wednesday), GearsViking has 3,902 followers, putting us in line for the 8x event again.

If he gets 600 more followers, it becomes a 9x event.

If he gets 1,100 more, we're talking about a 10x event.

Are you still here reading? You fool! Get over to Twitter and help a shirtless Dog get the 20x XP event he needs to get his wings! Go! Go!

EDIT: It has only been 24 hours, and GearsViking tweeted earlier today that the event will be capped at 20x XP. Now shirtless Dog can chainsaw Locust in the face and get his wings.
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