Powerstar Golf Caddies Introduced

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
Whilst embarking on your golfing career for the upcoming title, Powerstar Golf you might want to call on the help of the real course experts, the caddies.

Two caddies have been revealed, Astrid and Kirby, both of which are masterminds at golf. Both have very different personalities and skills. Astrid has the putt preview skill that will show exactly where the ball will roll when on the greens, whilst Kirby has the shot preview skill that shows where the ball will land after driving or chipping.

Powestar Golf Caddies

If these weren't enough, there is also a perk system that will enable players to assign special boosts to their caddies. Such a perk may increase the chance of the ball skipping across water hazards or falling into the hole after teetering on the edge during a putt.

Powestar Golf Caddies

Finally, in the interests of sociability, all players will be able to loan the caddies to their friends, and also borrow caddies from their friends. If any friends make use of your caddie then you will also receive XP that contributes to your own career.

Powerstar Golf tees off on launch day for the new Xbox One console.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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