Extra-Life Is This Weekend!

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
We interrupt your regularly scheduled gaming, grinding, and weekend merriment for a very special reminder announcement:

http://www.trueachievements.com/extra-life-2013.htm is this weekend!

For those not in the know, the TA Team is going to be undertaking an epic gaming marathon this weekend to raise funds for various Children's Miracle Network Hospitals where thousands of children are treated each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay.

This year, the marathon will start tomorrow, November 2nd at 8:00 AM EST and run to November 3rd at 9:00 AM EST, so there is still time for you to donate to the TA Team, or watch one of the team members on their respective streams. Through your generosity, we have SMASHED our initial $5,000 goal, but every additional cent helps those kiddos!

As always, you can find all of the complete details on who's participating, which hospitals they're supporting, and how to donate in the Extra-Life Hub.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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