Da Vinci Pinball Machine (WP) Loses Exclusivity

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Da Vinci Pinball Machine (WP) is another of the many Windows Phone titles that has been a Nokia-exclusive since its release. However, in similar fashion to some of its counterparts, Da Vinci Pinball Machine (WP) is now available on all Windows Phone handsets regardless of the manufacturer due to the exclusivity period expiring.

The pinball wizards at Gameprom have done it again with Da Vinci Pinball. It's pinball mixed with one of the greatest thinkers whom ever lived - It's pinball history in the making? The unique theme makes for some specatular pinball action with medieval weapons, architecture and machinery that make these tables like nothing you've played before. Explore amazing inventions like Da Vinci's flying machine and tank and pinball your way through the mind of a Rennaissance man who invented the modern world!
You can download Da Vinci Pinball Machine (WP) for £0.79 / US$0.99 / AUS$0.99 / ¥90.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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