On Location with Crimson Dragon – Coral Lakes

By litepink,
The Coral Lakes area of planet Draco will be one of the first areas you’ll encounter in Crimson Dragon. You might recall seeing this area in the game’s demo footage. The demo was unexpectedly taken down as fast as it was unexpectedly put up on the Japanese marketplace. There was no apparent reason for this besides the fact that Crimson Dragon was rumored to being pushed from an Xbox 360 release to Xbox One instead. The game did end up getting shifted to Xbox One, so perhaps this explained the short lived Xbox 360 demo. You can see these Xbox One visuals in the following screenshots of the Coral Lakes region.

As you can see the land is full of protruding structures made of coral. Besides the majestic dragons that roam the land, you can also find many other creatures as well. One of those other life forms is the Vespin, a pest-like creature that can cause problems when they swarm.

Coral Lakes 1

Coral Lakes 2

Coral Lakes 3

Coral Lakes 4

Crimson Dragon will be available for Xbox One at launch, November 22nd.

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