Challenge Accepted Achievement Back Up in FIFA 12

By litepink, 5 years ago
Thanks to the resillient efforts among members of our gaming community (and possibly others, or course), an achievement that had become discontinued is available for unlocking once more for FIFA 12.

FIFA 12Challenge AcceptedThe Challenge Accepted achievement in FIFA 12 worth 24 pointsComplete an EA SPORTS Football Club Game Scenario Challenge

What you will need to do is complete a challenge scenario to obtain this achievement. In what is most likely the last challenge being put forth by EA, you will need to come from behind in a matchup between Austria and Germany. Complete the comeback and you will unlock the achievement.

This challenge should be available for quite some time (8000 hours or roughly 333 days from the start time, reportedly), pending any server closure in-between, which is likely. It's recommended that you get this and any other online related achievements out of the way at your earliest convenience should a completion for FIFA 12 ever be in your future plans.

Thanks to the members of the community who sent this story our way and to those who got the ball rolling on bringing the achievement back of course!