TA Gaming Stats - Oct 28th to Nov 3rd 2013

By Chewie, 5 years ago
This report is for the period October 28th to November 3rd 2013.

Welcome to the Stats for the final week of October here on TA. For Halloween my Ewok helpers, the Statisticles, and I dressed up in the scariest costumes we could think of: humans. Getting a skin suit big enough for me wasn't very easy I can tell you, but the Statisticles seemed to have no problems finding a collection of smaller ones for themselves. People seemed to be genuinely freaked out by our get-ups, so we got a pretty good haul from trick or treating (as well as some fainting and a spot of screaming), but the Statisticles were more interested in counting and tabulating their piles of candy than eating them. So I ate them all in one go, and now my tummy is doing funny things and my pee is orange.

Games Started
27,224 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 37,500 games between them (1,829 different games).

We get three new releases this week, all with the number '4' in the title, two of which get numbers in the 4,000s. How curious. First up is Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360) (not really the fourth in the series), which takes the top spot with over 4,600 starters. Next up, Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360) (barely the fourth in the series), takes second and misses out on first place by a measly 25 starters. Thirdly is WWE 2K14 (nowhere near the fourth in the series...ok, ok, the '4' is preceeded by a '1' and stands for the year, not the installment...it was a tenuous link...), which settles for fourth (yay!) place with only just over 1,200 starters. Seeing as these are all sequels, let's take a look at how these numbers compare with their previous installments: last year, Assassin's Creed III took almost 13,000 starters in its release week; in the same week, WWE '13 took over 1,200; back in 2011, Battlefield 3 managed over 16,000. Wow. So is that the law of diminishing returns, or is everyone just holding out until the imminent next-gen? Only WWE manages to sustain its numbers with only 39 fewer starters than the previous installment.

Of last week's superheroic new releases, Batman: Arkham Origins slips from first to third with 2,300 starters, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox 360) drops to sixth after losing 1,000 starters, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles barely clings on in tenth with 200 starters.

Top Retail Games Started

In just three days, the new "Games with Gold" freebie A World of Keflings takes more than twice the number of starters than the previous title, Halo 3, managed in the whole two weeks it was free. It also manages ten times more starters than any other game on the Arcade title, with Telltale's The Wolf Among Us (Xbox 360) the closest competitor in second with a little over 300 starters.

Elsewhere on the table, Halloween's presence is strongly felt as last week's new releases, the appropriately horrific Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD and How to Survive, retain decent positions in fourth and eighth. However, this week's new release, dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash Blood Knights, doesn't get a look in. Maybe if they cleaned the blood off their armour, they'd be more appealing. Also, with the Shocktober sale continuing into this week, we again see Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, which maintains around 100 starters in ninth.

Top Arcade Games Started

This week's Windows Phone table looks very similar to last week's, with the previous week's discounted game, Mirror's Edge (WP), continuing to show its popularity in first place with almost 150 starters. The accidentally made free and discounted titles Angry Birds Star Wars II (WP), Dream Track Nation (WP), Tiny Plane (WP), Cut the Rope: Experiments (WP) and Angry Birds Star Wars (WP) also continue to fill the table. Sadly, there's no sign of this week's deal title, the strategy game Skulls of the Shogun (WP).

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
5,162 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 7,041 games between them (1,185 different games).

Although the number of completions have begun to dip (slightly) this week, Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) resumes its place at the top of the table.

Two new family-friendly tie-in titles prove unusually super difficult this week [/sarc] as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge take second and fourth place, both with completion percentages of nearly 50%.

The "Enter the Dominatrix" DLC continues to buoy the numbers for Saints Row IV as it takes over 100 completions in third, down from last week's first place position.

Top Retail Games Completed

The recently discounted "400 Days" DLC for The Walking Dead (Xbox 360) continues to give it the boost it needs to retain first place above its more recent spiritual successor, The Wolf Among Us. It takes over 470 completions to Wolf's 200.

Proving easy to finish and what is probably the relative calm before the completion storm, A World of Keflings makes an appearance in seventh with 30 completions. Expect that number to rise next week. Maybe a lot.

Top Arcade Games Completed

The easiest completions of the recent pricing slips, Cut the Rope: Experiments and UNO (WP), take first and second, with Cut The Rope (WP) and Dream Track Nation further down in fifth and sixth.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
63,278 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 601,842 achievements online between them (48,412 different achievements).

In the most diversified table for a long while, we get a nice bit of Ass, some Batt and even a bit of Man Bat on Retail Achievements Won. Ass may take the lead, but Batt claims more spots.

Top Retail Achievements Won

In a not shocking turn of events, the seven easiest achievements for World of Keflings take the top spots above three "400 Days" achievements.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

You gotta have Faith -- and apparently coloured blocks and catapulted space birds -- to make it onto Windows Phone Achievements Won this week.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Action-Adventure gets an Ass shaped bump this week from 7million to almost 9 million, but Shooter also adds to its numbers thanks to Battlefield 4. The question is, will next week's CoD influence push it up and over into first? WWE suplexes Sports from fourth to third, whilst Keflings push Simulation up into the bottom of the table.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure8,816,482
  • Shooter4,584,484
  • Sports1,625,784
  • Role-Playing1,451,893
  • Action1,252,154
  • Racing680,026
  • Platformer406,020
  • Adventure363,115
  • Puzzle339,967
  • Simulation305,920

For this week's special table, I thought we could do something a bit different and delve into one particular series. So, to celebrate the release of the latest swashbuckling installment, and because the Statisticles bloody love assassinating each other in the games (and in real life), we're going to take a look at the phenomenally successful Assassin's Creed series.

Assassin's Creed Retail Games Started (as of 10/11/2013)

The table almost follows a chronological sequence of diminishing returns in terms of numbers (say what you like about quality), except for the fact that 2012's III has slightly more numbers than 2011's Revelations, a number I would attribute to people purchasing it in the hope it would represent a fresh start for the series with its new period and characters. Despite being made free as part of the "Games with Gold" scheme, the no doubt weighty increase in numbers didn't help II overthrow the original although it does come close. Our first experience of the hidden blade came back in 2007, with the next game out two years later. Each subsequent title has followed annually; a fact which leads many to claim the series has become increasingly derivative.

In terms of completions, II represents the easiest finish with 34% of players having finished it. The original, with a 15% completion, is made more frustrating by the hundreds of pesky flags that need to be collected. What makes the subsequent titles smaller on the completion front is two-fold: the introduction of multi-player and achievement-carrying DLC. Only 6% of players have finished the base game for Brotherhood, mostly thanks to those frustratingly grindy multi-player achievements. Revelations was slightly easier (11%) thanks to players only having to reach level 20 instead of level 50 for completion. III slips back to a lowly 7% but not because of harder multi-player, more because of grindy and buggy single-player achievements. Currently less than 1% of players have finished IV, but it has only been out a week, so we'll let it off the hook (pirate joke). However, there is a nasty looking one for reaching Level 55 in multi-player, so it looks as though Ubisoft wants our time sunk back into that. All the recent titles have come with DLC packs, all of which are pretty easy completions, but all of which have significantly fewer players than the base game.

Oh, I almost forgot, there is a Windows Phone title for the hardcore Ass lovers. But the less said about that the better.

With the Xbox One version of IV coming in a few weeks, along with January's XBLA port of the PS Vita title, Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, and the next installment no doubt coming at the end of 2014, we're probably going to see a lot more Ass in our lives and our achievements in the years to come.

That's all for this week. Even though this week was pretty Halloweeny and horrific, it's next week that's going to be a really ghostly affair.
Written by Chewie
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