Skullgirls Developers Explain Publisher Woes

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
In an update on the IndieGoGo page for Skullgirls, Autumn Games have explained the reasons for the delay in patching the console versions of the game.

According to Autumn Games, it became clear around the time of the previous update for the game that they wouldn't be able to proceed with further patches as long as Konami remained their publisher and, as such, the business relationship between the two has now been terminated. This means that, although the testing for the next patch is pretty much complete and ready to submit, a new publisher needs to be found for the game first.

As Autumn Games cannot become their own publisher on XBLA, they have partnered up with MarvelousAQL in order to secure a spot to republish the game on XBLA. If they did not do this, the game would just be removed from the marketplace. This process will also mean that the patch for the Xbox version will come out slightly later than that for the PlayStation version (for which Autumn Games is now the publisher), but the delay between patching the two versions will be less than before as they have gotten used to the patching system.

When the patch finally does arrive, it will bring with it the first character funded in the IndieGoGo campaign, Squigly, as well as her own stage and story mode.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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