Latest Terraria Patch Notes Arrive

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
A few days ago, Terraria got a title update. Developer Engine Software completely rewrote the code for the Xbox 360 version of the game, as well as fixing a few bugs and teasing the upcoming content in version 1.2. Here is the list of fixes and gameplay improvements:


• Fixed dungeon tile bug where players were unable to mine dungeon blocks
• Fixed music box bug (ability to smash a music box and getting a different item in return)
• Fixed platinum coin stacking bug
• Fixed crafting interface bug where the current recipe would "jump" to another recipe when more or less recipes would be shown as your materials change.
• Fixed grid rendering when ruler item was equipped
• Quick Access shortcuts are now saved
• Quick Access shortcuts UI improvements
• NPC [de]buffs time out properly
• It's no longer possible to defeat Eater of Worlds by using the Magic Mirror
• New Character Selection GUI, more in line with World Select GUI
• Fixed a font rendering bug when switching from split screen to full screen (or vice versa)
• It's no longer possible to hack worlds by loading PC data
• Network protocol improvements
• Slightly improved graphics (no lossy compression for tiles)
• Leaderboards UI now more consistent with other UIs (shiny yellow highlight instead of white)
• Fixed some minor localization issues in leaderboards for the Spanish language
• Fixed certain death messages not being displayed correctly
• Big performance improvements (especially noticeable during new world generation, split screen multi-player and mini map creation)
• Improved (smoother) lighting in split screen mode
• Improved friend game search
• In split screen a player can now leave a session in the pause menu (instead of having to sign out)
• When a player signs in to a split screen multi-player session, he/she can no longer sign in with a profile that was already signed in
• Join through presence is now only allowed for friends

Although we hope everyone will have fun discovering what 1.2 teaser material has been added to the console versions, here is a partial overview:

• Incorporated 1.2 updated biome background graphics, new sun and moon graphics
• Incorporated new low-tier armor sets and their recipes
• Certain item stack sizes have been increased from 250 to 999
• Added animations for water, water sparkles, life crystals, shadow orbs, furnace and hell forge
• Added random sizes for Zombies and Demon Eyes
• Added new enemy sprites: Pincushion Zombie, Slimed Zombie, Female Zombie, Twiggy Zombie, Swamp Zombie, Shroom Zombie
If you haven't downloaded the patch already, you will be prompted to download it as soon as you start up the game.
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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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