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By Cindy Minguez, 5 years ago
With its launch fast-approaching, Peggle 2 has been fleshed out a little more through a question and answer session with PopCap's Jared Neuss, Lead Producer on the game. Neuss talks a bit about next-gen functionality as well as about how the game is reminiscent of its remarkably popular predecessor while maintaining a personality of its own.

What are you most excited about for developing on a new generation hardware?

We're super excited to take advantage of all of the new platform functionality being introduced in this generation of hardware. Features like Game DVR and the new Challenge system give us a ton of freedom to create brand new experiences for our players!

How will a new generation of hardware revolutionize the future of "Peggle 2?"

Having the ability to experiment with new features, functionality and quickly react to player feedback. We now have the ability to try new things, see if our fans like them, and then adapt the game in near-real time.

What kind of different master powers are there in "Peggle2?"

All of the new master powers in Peggle 2 are much more explosive and over-the-top than anything you've seen in previous versions of Peggle. We're experimenting with a number of new mechanics, including powers that change the layout of the game board, powers that change how the master interacts with the pegs, and some even crazier ideas that we aren't ready to announce yet.

What kind of steps did you take to ensure that the gameplay in "Peggle 2" was a familiar, but evolved experience from "Peggle?"

Staying true to the core of what makes Peggle a classic series is our top priority. With every new gameplay feature that we add, we're constantly evaluating how the game feels. As soon as a power, visual effect or audio cue starts to feel out of place, we scrap it and start over again. Peggle has a certain DNA that our team is very much in-tune with at this point.

Why did you choose Luna and Bjorn as the masters?

Bjorn has been a staple of the series from the start. He returns as the player's guide through this ridiculous world that we've created. Luna is just one of the new masters that we're showing off. She brings a fun, creepy vibe to the game that we haven't had before. There are other new masters to discover aside from those two, and I think players will find that each brings something totally new to the table.

Peggle 2 will be a launch exclusive for the Xbox One.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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