DuckTales Remastered Gets a Patch

By litepink, 5 years ago
Much was made about the new cutscenes featured in DuckTales Remastered, especially since they feature most of the original voice talent from the original cartoon. For some people though, the novelty of these scenes can wear off on you, particularly with multiple playthroughs. Previously, you only had the option of skipping a cutscene through the pause menu. Capcom has remedied the problem by adding a Quick Cinema Mode that will become available after your first playthrough. Quick Cinema will skip most of the cutscenes when activated; it sure beats doing this through the pause menu over and over again.

Below is the list of changes detailed by Capcom for the recently released patch, which also addresses issues pertaining to stability, freezing, and makes a small adjustment to pogo hopping.

Thank you for all your patience everyone. The patch is almost approved through all first party certifications and once that's one, we'll release them all at the same time, I'll let you know when that happens. Here's a condensed list of the changes you should see.

-Pogo fix- Some users reported that the pogo was unreliable. Tweaking the window at which the game looks for the pogo input seems to have fixed the issue. It seems that it was too short and that some users set ups were dropping input frames

-Flashing characters- Got rid of the flashing characters.

-Duckworth sometimes fails to lower down the safe.

-The title crashes to a black screen when skipping the pre-race cinematic of Magica and Glomgold.

-In certain conditions the title would fail to respawn correctly after a failed attempt for the race to the dime.

We've also addressed several stability and crash issues, but the above were the most reported. If you have an issue you don't see, please check the patch if it's still there when the patch comes out.

We also added the below item due to a large request:

Quick Cinema mode- This mode will skip most of the cutscenes when activated. The option will show up if you have at least one playthrough completed, even it if was pre-patch. It's not a true speedrun option like we wanted to, butsome areas, like removing the random number events proved to be risky.
This patch should be available to download now if you haven’t loaded up the game already, and you will be prompted to download it if you plan on picking up the retail disc which comes out this week in North America. DuckTales Remastered was originally released for XBLA on September 11th of this year.