New Gamerscore & Achievements Limits Confirmed

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Okay, firstly I would heartily recommend you read Xbox LIVE & Platform Architect Vince Curley's new blog post for anyone who has ever wondered about how Achievements actually work, as well as the history of their development.

But as I read through it, something jumped out at me. The most interesting thing to take from that for us Achievement lovers is Microsoft's current regulations for games and their achievements, which is something that has been a big grey area for some time now.

There's not been any concrete information from Microsoft about the "rules" for Achievements since 2007, and those rules have been long outdated! But now, we have some solid confirmation of the limits that games now have for their Achievements, which is as follows:

For standard retail games, the base title can have 5-50 achievements which are worth 1,000G. Downloadable content may add up to 30 additional achievements worth 750G - which we've seen happen to a handful of games. So no shock there I suppose.

Demos, as always, still can not offer any gamerscore or achievements at all. Still no surprises.

Interestingly though, while base XBLA games still must have 12 achievements and 200G, DLC can add up to 9 additional achievements worth up to 150G.

While there's still some unanswered questions (Perfect Dark's 20 achievements being one that springs to mind...), it is pretty great to have some solid confirmation about Achievements from a reliable Microsoft source!

As a side note, the surprising increase in total gamerscore for XBLA games puts more credence behind the leaked screenshot of Trials HD having 300G seen here: Leaked Screenshots Reveal Upcoming XBLA Games? Just throwing that one out there...