Xbox One and SkyDrive Come Together

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
Remember those golden days of yore where a "beloved" member of the family would take a trip somewhere exotic and come back with tons of pictures that you would be cruelly subjected to delighted to see with everyone who didn't get to go? Microsoft is aiming to bring those days (and more) back with the inclusion of SkyDrive on the Xbox One, which will allow owners to stream their pictures and videos to their televisions.

Let's see some beautiful bean footage.

If you'd rather see some bullet points of the cool stuff that Xbox One and SkyDrive will be able to do together, we're able to hook you up with that as well.

* "SkyDrive on Xbox One will provide a seamless, beautiful experience for you to kick back and enjoy photos and videos in your own personal collection, or those shared with you."

* The app also allows you to open photo albums from channels in the OneGuide, play music alongside your slide show with Xbox Music, and control the whole app with the Kinect.

* The app will also allow other users to share pictures and video, so that friends and family members who are separated can still share pictures and video with each other from different consoles.

* Every picture taken with an owners Windows Phone is automatically uploaded to SkyDrive and is viewable on the Xbox One.

* Owners will be able to pan and zoom across larger images using the Xbox One controller.

* As has been covered many times in many other stories, the SkyDrive app can be "snapped" and is able to run side-by-side with other apps. One suggested combo is using Xbox Music to run along side a photo slideshow.

SkyDrive 2

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